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Author of Chameleon, Eye of the Hunter, Miracle Cure and Furtive shadows

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My story

George was born into a working class family in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1941 and married Avril in 1964, and has 2 children, Darren and Vanessa and 2 Grandchildren  - Madison and Brodie.

George's early influences for his writing career came from serving in the Parachute Regiment in the British Army - deployed mainly in Middle East and Europe.

George and his family migrated as a family to Australia in 1965 seeking new challenges and a different lifestyle in a more exciting environment.

George traveled the world extensively throughout his career, also providing the backdrop and influences of his literary work

My writing roots

George started writing his first book in 1995. The influences of his early childhood in Scotland, his time serving in the military and worldwide travels gave him the inspiration for Rory Glassen – a ruthless dedicated soldier with extraordinary senses and physical attributes gleaned from his childhood upbringing alone in the Scottish Glens. 

My style

George's works are all crime suspense thrillers, dealing with criminal figures and the shadowy underworld, and Rory Glassen, the common MI5 character throughout George's books.

A well published Author and Writer, Georges books will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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