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Chris Hastings

Spellbinding – Lockie weaves a diverse cast together and you appreciatethe depth of research which has gone into each book.  It draws you into a different world.

Doreen Williams

George has the ability to create unusual but nevertheless very believable stories using his personal experiences as a serving soldier in the British Army Parachute Regiment. He takes his readers into a world of intrigue, murder and retribution in the name of justice. 

His books to date cover quite different backgrounds and his research is very thorough lending complete authenticity to the plots he has created.

Marlene Moulder

As an avid reader I was pleased to get the opportunity to read George Lockie's novels. Although at first I thought they may have been geared towards male readers I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them and look forward to the new adventures of the hero Rory. Hope that his story continues with as much suspense as before in any new novel that George writes.

Martin Peters

I have read 2 of George's works and both of them were excellent reads that I would highly recommend them to anyone.

I have just ordered Revenge from Amazon and look forward to another great story. Thanks.

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