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Chameleon - 2011


Four brutal sadistic murders throughout the UK committed by four totally different women have the Police Forces baffled. Investigations in all cases up against brick walls with no killers apprehended and all at dead ends. 

All attacks are identical in method, weapon used and victims chosen.Ccould it be a vicious female gang? The latest draws a tough no nonsense Chief Inspector who is determined to bring the killers in. 

The murders raise the interest of MI5 who recognise both the weapon and method. Thinking it could be one of theirs gone rogue another team of dedicated hunters take to the field. It is their aim to nullify these targets.

Two teams are tracking the same killers with different ends in mind.

Rory Glassen must tread carefully to protect his identity is not blown by the police before the killers are eliminated by his MI5 squad first.

Eye of the Hunter - 2012


 The ability to kill without thought or remorse was bred into Rory from a very young age. Forced to live all alone by bigotry and ignorance he was isolated from the society of the day, with only a grandmother as support. He was born into the world with a German father and Scottish mother just after the First World War. His father’s subsequent death meant he was forced to raise himself in a wild place high in the Scottish mountains, where just surviving was extremely difficult. 

It was just before the outbreak of World War II that he came in contact with other male company as troops were sent into the mountains for training. Attracted to their disciplines and comradeship Rory was drawn into their world. He gained their respect and trust and felt for the first time in his life, needed. 

Once the conflict was over however he had felt lost. He had been unable to return to his former life and eventually he decided to enlist. 

Miracle Cure - 2015


A miracle new drug appears on the British market, with amazing new properties in the treating of difficult skin disorders. At first, its source or supplier are not known but the huge costs involved point to somebody with a lot of clout. It is only when some alarming incidents occur after an unfortunate train derailment and a shipment goes missing, that something more sinister surfaces. 

Murder, fire and thuggery get Rory Glassen and MI5 suspicious and when a large criminal organization is uncovered and the potential deaths and kidnappings of many victims found, that the full case is discovered.

Fast paced and very elusive the crime gang try hard to shake off this annoying pursuer but are eventually brought to account in terrifying circumstances. Rory and MI5 at their best, ruthless, relentless, in spite of terrible repercussions and a clever cruel enemy.

Furtive Shadows - 2016


A horrific car explosion kills the wife of an important MI5 operator. It was an attempted assassination that went terribly wrong, as he was the intended victim. It starts a vicious attack on the crime gang responsible, by a MI5 hit squad operating outside of official control. 

Rory Glassen finds himself caught between this rogue element and the crime gang, who are sure he is to blame for their all their woes. Just escaping from a deadly attack and tracking down the true culprits again exposes him to great personal danger.

The final showdown between all three combatants results in a murderous violent confrontation deep in the South of England. Thinking their tormentor has finally perished the gang relax in victory celebrations to find out the end is still to be played out. 

Revenge - 2018


Rory Glassen, is selected to join an elite SAS cell, which is sent to Libya to seek retribution for the terrible torture, to near death, of two SAS troopers by a medieval run empire, run by a despotic Sultan. What was to be a milk run operation turns sour, as a battle of wits to survive, soon develops between two warring factions. The sudden, and brutal deaths, of two key figures on the cell’s target list, in very suspicious circumstances, has the Sultan questioning his Security and Police for answers. The killings are orchestrated and conducted by Rory, before the Sultan begins to smell a rat.

Then, it is a battle of wills as the Sultan and Rory lock horns trying to outwit each other and prevent any more deaths. The Sultan manages to get some vital information, that it appears a hit squad is operating in his stronghold of Ghat, and he is high on their interest list. Isolated in his Palace after another tragic death of one of his subordinates occurs, makes him a difficult target.

It is only when a most unexpected ally emerges from Rory’s distant past and offers the cell information, which will allow them like worms, to burrow into the catacombs of the old Roman Fort, on which the Sultans Palace is built, that a solution appears. It is not all plain sailing, with great difficulties presenting themselves to test the cells patience and ingenuity. Rory tries everything he knows, before an ingenious plan offers him the answer to his prayers, and the cell finally heads for home, with their task complete. 

Revenge is sweet.  

Canine Fury - 2019


A vicious fatal attack on a young female jogger, apparently committed by a large ferocious guard dog in a London suburban park, has the police baffled.   Another similar attack, a few weeks later, on a young male has the police stunned, with the press and public up inarms at the lack of progress in the case. When a third attack occurs on another young man, who does survive the attack, the Government step in and send a team of MI5 investigators to join in the hunt for the killer.

Rory Glassen leads this team and when investigating all the police files and examining the bodies of the two victims, strange new evidence becomes clear. The police become aware of these new leads, which points their investigations in a totally different direction. Painstaking research and good police work eventuates in Rory flying half way around the globe in pursuit of a new possible killer. Now, totally convinced they are on the right track, they have a new suspect in mind. However the case gets complicated with the disappearance of the killer overseas and Rory finds that he himself is a possible target. 

Rory decides to lay low in his favourite Scottish glens while the chase to catch the killer continues worldwide. He is taken totally by surprise when he comes face to face on a mountainside with this armed killer and his whole world flashes before his eyes. Could this be the end of his life? 

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